MCSS 2024

MOTOR CONTROL SUMMER SCHOOL – XXI (in Poland!) We invite bright, open-minded graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and young professionals to apply for admission to the Motor Control Summer School # XXI (MCSS- XXI). MCSS-XXI will be a five-day event, September 14 – September 18, 2024. It will include an arrival day (September 14), three days of sessions (September […]

PMC 2023 – Save The Date!

The “Bambino Gesù” Children’s Hospital and the International Society of Motor Control (ISMC) invite you to save the date of the Progress in Motor Control XIV Conference (PMC 2023), which will be held in Rome, Italy, from 28-30 September 2023.  This PMC conference returns in 2023 in the form of a full in-person meeting, offering […]

Bylaws of the ISMC

Bylaws of the International Society of Motor Control   Article 1: Name The name of this society shall be the International Society of Motor Control (hereafter the “ISMC”). Article 2: Purpose Section 1 Specific Objectives The purpose of the ISMC is to stimulate and foster education and open debate among scientists from all nations on […]

ISMC statement about the Executive Order on Immigration

The International Society of Motor Control (ISMC) promotes and supports fundamental research on the principles underlying the control of movements in health and disease. The society is dedicated to fostering the interaction of scientists across borders and nations. Such free and scholarly interaction is a vibrant element of the broader transnational community, whose ultimate goal […]