Student Membership


Apply for an ISMC membership and benefit from:

  • Voting rights in the ISMC
  • Discounted registration at the biennial meetings “Progress in Motor Control” (discount equals amount of annual dues)
  • Discounted subscription to the official journal of the ISMC “Motor Control”
  • The pride of being a member of this most wonderful Society

Student Membership is restricted to graduate,  undergraduate students, and post-doctoral trainees. Colleagues with an established professional reputation in any of the sub-areas of Motor control are welcome to apply to become a Professional Member.

If you are unable to use a credit a card, you can download the membership application form and follow the instructions for sending a check or money order.

Click here to download the application form. (pdf-format)

The listserve ISMC-L@LISTS.ASET.PSU.EDU can be used to post to all members.

(a) Refund/Return Policy:  No refunds are allowed except in the case of an accidental duplicate membership.
(b) Contact phone number:  +1 (513) 556-5544
(c) Privacy Policy:  Click Here To View