Bernstein Nominees 2017

Emilio Bizzi

Dr. Bizzi dominated the neural and conceptual domains of motor control in humans and animals for more than the past three decades. In my judgment, he has been one of the most original, productive and inspiring figures in the field. Simply, no appraisal of modern history of motor control can be written without centrally referring to his work.  He also created a school of thought ably being carried on by his collaborators and colleagues, including Santro Mussa-Ivaldi, Neville Hogan, Tamar Flash, Pietro Morasso, and a host of younger researchers.

Tamar Flash

tamar-flash-cv-2016 TFLASH-BERNSTEIN_final


Sten Grillner

Bernstein Prize Nomination


John Kalaska

My suggestion is John Kalaska, he has devoted years of his research to understanding the planning of movement. He has also challenged and motivated his students to understand the control parameters of movement. When I think of the role of parietal lobe in motor control, I am reminded of John Kalaska.

John Rothwell

Nomination of John Rothwell for the Bernstein Prize 2017

Richard C. Schmidt



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