Progress in Motor Control XII – Call for Proposals

The International Society of Motor Control (ISMC) holds its society meeting every two years. The next Progress in Motor Control (PMC) conference will be held in 2019. The ISMC will provide support to the organizers of the meeting in the form of a scientific advisory (steering) committee as well as a loan guarantee to be reimbursed at the end of the meeting. If you are interested in hosting the next meeting, please send us by August 15, 2017 a CV and a pre-proposal letter stating your interest to organize and chair the 2019 PMC conference and indicating:

  1. Host Institution(s).
  2. Conference facilities such as hotel venues and university auditoriums
  3. Potential members of the local organizing committee (with some information on their background)
  4. Possible collateral social events, such as tours of facilities, brief expeditions to places of interest etc.

The more details you can give on the above, such as expected housing costs, the better. And it would also help if you can report on preliminary expressions of support by host institutions and colleagues available to help with the organization
So far, the PMC conferences have been held in the summer months of July and August. We aim at continuing to have it in this period. But we are open to consider alternative suggestion.

ISMC statement about the Executive Order on Immigration

The International Society of Motor Control (ISMC) promotes and supports fundamental research on the principles underlying the control of movements in health and disease. The society is dedicated to fostering the interaction of scientists across borders and nations. Such free and scholarly interaction is a vibrant element of the broader transnational community, whose ultimate goal is the creation of knowledge through the interaction of individuals of all genders, races, ethnicities, religious creed and political affiliation.

Stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury know no borders. Accordingly, their study, cure and treatment should also take place, unimpeded, across the world. President Trump’s executive order on immigration is a cause of great concern as it stifles and disrupts vital international interactions, which require, as a basic element, the possibility of scientists to travel without impediments. A key element in the current pursuit of science is the exchange of students and postdoctoral researchers. These young scientists are the main engine of our progress and dedicate most of their time to work 24/7 in laboratories, often away from their homes, families and friends.

The ISMC joins many academic institutions and professional societies in condemning and opposing the executive order on immigration.  The ISMC is committed to supporting and advocating for scientists that are adversely affected by the EO. As the 2017 Progress in Motor Control Meeting that is scheduled to be held in Miami is fast approaching, we will provide updates on the ISMC website and will make our best efforts to facilitate unimpeded participation by scientists of all nations to ensure that it will be held in the most supportive and collaborative international spirit.


Ferdinando (Sandro) Mussa-Ivaldi


International Society of Motor Control

Welcome to the International Society of Motor Control

The International Society of Motor Control (ISMC) is a non-profit organization.

The purpose of the ISMC is to promote basic and applied research in the area of control of movements in biological systems.

Our Executive Committee:

President: Sandro Mussalvaldi

Vice President: Rachel Seidler

Secretary / Treasurer: Mike Riley